Oh what a gay presidential inaugural day, capped with seven LGBT musicians from Atlanta joining a gay marching band that played Lady Gaga for President Obama.

The seven members from Atlanta Freedom Bands—Eddie Young, Bob Derickson, Karen Helbling, John Peterson, Robert Corona, Danielle Steele and Cliff Norris—marched with the 215-member band, color guard and honor guard of the Lesbian & Gay Band Association. The group, which included gay musicians from more than two-dozen bands across the country, appeared in the third division of the parade and was its only LGBT band.

Young even scored a cameo (top image) during CSPAN’s live broadcast of the parade as the band marched past President Obama and his reviewing booth as they played Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory.” (Young appears at 2:15 in the video above.)

During the inauguration earlier Monday, Obama forcefully called for LGBT equality and gay poet Richard Blanco recited “One Today” and became the first openly gay man to deliver the inaugural poem.