The kickstarter campaign for Atlanta’s own gay “Heroes + Villains” photographer Philip Bonneau ends on Saturday, and he’s giving more than the shirt off his back to make sure he reaches his fundraising goal.

We’ve been following the campaign to fund Bonneau’s vision for the third installment of his popular sexy superheroes series (view photos) pretty closely. But the artist got our attention and a second (and a third) glance when he started revealing a little more skin with each step toward his goal (photos).

He has less than $2,000 to go, and he’s pulling out all the stops with a promise for a photo in just a sock if the $12,907 goal is reached.

If you haven’t been motivated yet to donate here – you can help with pledges in any amount large or small with perks for each donation level to boot – tune into the artist’s Facebook album for the latest reveals, including some hot gay Atlanta friends presenting themselves nakedly on Bonneau’s behalf to join the cause. He also mocks up some celebrity endorsements like Betty White, Zachary Quinto and Fiona Apple just for fun.

UPDATE: Bonneau reached his fundraising goal just around 11 p.m. on June 13, gaining some $2,000 in donations in the nine hours after this post went live. Congratulations, Philip! As promised, he went for the sock-only photo.

Photos by Philip Bonneau via Facebook