A porn star, a party promoter and a drag queen need your help. It sounds like the start of a joke. The Atlanta trio and the scenario are real, though you may not recognize them as they take on completely new roles when curtains part on the film “Proxy.”

“’Proxy’ is about seven lives that are connected by one man’s indiscretion on a Sunday afternoon in July,” says former Atlantan and writer-actor-director Brandon Deyette in the Indiegogo video pitch above.

Deyette and his cast – including gay locals porn star Charlie Harding, Bedlam party guru Barry Brandon, and social butterfly Brandon Majors who Burkhart’s patrons may know better as drag beauty Vixen – have already been shooting in New York City and Athens in addition to Atlanta.

The film’s plot twists come when three divergent scenarios – like our gays drinking and dishing on a New York rooftop in the video clip – collide. You and the Indiegogo campaign come in with funds to see “Proxy” through to completion. Your participation could cause the ripple effect they need, and that’s appropriate for this particular venture.

It’s about how our individual choices can have that ‘butterfly effect’ on other people’s lives — people we may never even meet. [It] looks honestly, through the characters’ eyes, at some of the issues in our relationships that we may not want to always see or discuss — issues that have the power to either break us down or open new doors to understanding, connection and compassion.

Your donation affords moviegoers the chance to see gay Atlanta’s own in a new light as they make acting debuts. How much you give determines which prize incentives you can claim for participating.  The “Proxy” team looks to raise $16,000 by July 5 to see their dreams come true. You can follow their progress and get shout-outs for donating on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.