Gay artist bandit John Morse is at it again, this time delivering his roadside experimental art in the form of more than four-dozen rainbow prayer flags scattered across Atlanta.

Morse says the installation, meant to salute the start of the new year, is based on ancient Tibetan and Indian traditions. That the flags also symbolize gay Pride doesn’t hurt, either. Each one is stamped with its own aspiration – red with love, orange with joy, yellow with compassion, green with justice, blue with peace and purple with liberation.

And when we say they’re scattered across the city, we mean it. Check out the map that tracks the location of each installation.

“I guess you could say this is a little love letter (and a big ol’ homo shout out) to the City of Atlanta,” Morse says in an email. “Though some of the flags have been taken since installation last week, I’m surprised how many are still up and flying!”

It’s not the first time Morse has taken his art to the streets of Atlanta. His “Roadside Haiku” drew the ire of Keep Atlanta Beautiful but the plaudits of New York art critics.

Top video via WSB; bottom video via StarDogStudio