Gaga fans go off rails over Madonna’s GLAAD appearance, Tebow’s next venue more anti-gay than the last, Senate approves first openly gay Asian-American to federal bench, Carly Rae Jepsen backs out of Boy Scouts Jamboree, James Franco comes to gay film’s defense, new details of gay Missississippi candidate’s death, and more LGBT headlines.

Gay mayoral candidate beaten, set on fire, dragged. Police and the coroner weren’t talking, but now the family of Marco McMillian (top photo), the openly gay Mississippi mayoral candidate whose body was pulled from a Mississippi River levee last week, lifts the silence on cause of death. They say McMillian was mutilated either before or after his death in a string of horrible acts before his body was dumped.

Senate confirms first openly gay Asian American to federal bench. Judge Pamela Chen (second photo) was easily approved by a voice vote for a seat on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York. She is the fifth openly gay person to get a lifetime tenure position on a federal bench, four of whom were nominated by President Barack Obama.

James Franco defends gay film against Australian censors. Remember “I Want Your Love” at Out On Film last year? Travis Matthews’ drama featuring un-simulated gay sex and more gay male nudity than you’ve ever seen outside porn was relegated to late night in Atlanta and was banned Down Under. Gay icon, “Oz” star, A-List bohemian and Matthews’ “Interior. Leather Bar” collaborator James Franco jumps to the gay filmmaker’s aid, saying Australia should be embarrassed.

Tim Tebow has another anti-gay date. If the Dallas megachurch views of homophobia and anti-Semitism were extreme enough for the popular football player (third photo) to cancel a speech there, they pale in comparison to the words and actions of the Jerry Falwell-founded Liberty University and its staff. Tebow is slated to speak at Liberty on March 8.

Carly Rae Jepsen says no to Boy Scouts Jamboree. That didn’t take long. A day after headlines that the “Call Me, Maybe?” singer and previously gay supportive ally was scheduled to do the BSA’s annual national campout, she joined the band Train in telling the group that she can’t abide their ban on openly gay scouts and leaders.

Gay couple asked to leave mall for kissing. Daniel Chesmore and Jose Guzman (fourth photo) recorded their encounter with a security guard in the Sacramento, Calif., mall after holding hands and kissing. They say it’s because they’re gay, and the mall says their behavior was against policy. A local TV station reviewed the shopping center’s code of conduct and found no such rule.

Mainstream sports conglomerate acquires OutSports. Outsports editors Jim Buzinzki and Cyd Zeigler will still run the gay sports site under its new owners SB Nation and its parent company Vox Media. The site already has a new, more streamlined look and a new logo showing an athlete coming out of a locker.

Madonna vs. Gaga train off the rails. Apparently fans and bloggers didn’t get the memo that the war between the actual divas has softened. Lady Gaga fans are protesting Madge’s stint as presenter of Anderson Cooper’s GLAAD Award, characterizing it as “an insult to a true gay rights activist like Lady Gaga.” One goes as far as saying Madonna “is one of the major reasons for AIDS.” Hu? Yeah.

Tyler Clementi’s family demands apology from NOM. The name of Clementi, the Rutgers teen who committed suicide amidst cyber bullying, was invoked by anti-gay National Organization for Marriage’s Jennfer Roback Morse. She told an audience that Clementi’s suicide was caused by gay activists. His parents are outraged.

McMillian photo from KLTV; Chen photo via HRC; Tebow photo via LGBTQ Nation; Chesmore-Guzman photo from KTXL; Gaga-Madonna photo by AP