One of the stops for some on the marriage celebration train in Atlanta on Friday was the Fulton County Courthouse, where couples and judges lined up to be part of the big day.

Hours after the Supreme Court legalized marriage for gay couples in Georgia, the Fulton County Courthouse began filling with spectators, judges and wedded-couples-to-be for its first 15 marriages between same-sex partners. Ed Cieslak and Richard Moye (photo) were among the 15 couples wed, each by a different county judge who made watched the ceremonies and waited in line for their turn to wed folks on the historic day.

It was just as Fulton County Commission Chair John Eaves has promised before the ruling came down. In a victory lap of sorts, Eaves was on hand during the Friday’s ceremonies to reiterate his official statement among the sea of local and state reactions about the Supreme Court ruling to those gathered. 

“The Court reaffirmed what so many of us in Fulton County have long believed,” says Chairman Eaves.  “This community has long worked on behalf of supporting equal rights for all of our citizens.  I am overjoyed to see that belief reflected by the nation’s highest court.”

Eaves was joined during the ceremonies by other notable gay Atlanta names, including Georgia Equality director Jeff Graham, former Atlanta City Council president and current mayoral candidate Cathy Woolard, and gay Fulton County State Court Judge Jane Morrison, who officiated one of the ceremonies.

Photos by Russ Youngblood