Pack the 210-pound, 6’5” frame of Olympian Trey Hardee into his snug track and field uniform and the blond jock offers up quite an impressive package. That he’s a 2012 silver medalist decathlete only adds to his appeal.

The Birmingham, Ala.-native nabbed silver on Thursday in London’s Olympic decathlon, a competition of 10 events over two days. Now that’s the sort of impressive endurance we appreciate in the Morning Fix.

We’ve had a bit of a thing with the jocks of London 2012. There’s silver fox Yordan Yovchev, German discus thrower Robert Harting, the bulging biceps of Tommy Ramos, the nearly nude pics of Danell Leyva and his gymnast jock friends John Orozco, Sam Mikulak, Jake Dalton and Jonathan Horton.

There’s also Swimmer Ricky Berens, diver Troy Dumais, swimmer Ryan Lochte and the jocks of Team USA.

For the Brits, there’s Tom Daley, Louis Smith and Sam Oldham, both gymnasts.

Let’s not forget gay Aussie hottie Matthew Mitcham – he’s hit the Fix here, here and here, too. And the Australian swim team with Eamon Sullivan, James Roberts, James Magnussen and Matt Targett.