“American Idol” and “Voice” veteran comes out, Pride Month films from Sundance, gay Occupy-ers against corporate-backed San Franscisco Pride, Boehner’s House wants High Court on DOMA, Alec Baldwin thinks “queen” is an insult, and more LGBT headlines.

House Republicans will ask Supreme Court to take DOMA case. Even John Boehner (top photo) and his peeps want the gay marriage issue settled once and for all. Of course, they also want to stop spending money defending the cases that seem to all tank into “unconstitutional” rulings.

Gay Occupy-ers to protest San Fransisco Pride parade. Occu-Pride, gay members of the Occupy movement, will bring signs against the corporate backing of Pride, which they say should not accept big-business dollars like San Fran’s Wells Fargo sponsorship.

Frenchie Davis comes out. The “Idol” and “Voice” alum (photo) was already a gay favorite and Atlanta Pride and HRC-Atlanta veteran for big diva vocals. She opens up about her one-year-and-counting relationship with a woman. She kissed a girl and more than liked it.

GOP Armed Services Chair: Shut up about gays in the military, Mitt. California Congressman Howard ‘Buck’ McKeon, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, said Thursday that Congress won’t revisit the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy even if fellow Republican Mitt Romney is elected to the White House.

Sundance films make good Pride Month viewing. A listing of great LGBT classics all supported by the Sundance Institute or Sundance Film Festival, from the more recent “The Kids Are All Right” to mid-Movement hits “Longtime Companion” and “Paris Is Burning” among many more. Most are already on our must-watch gay movies lists here and here.

Et tu, Alec Baldwin? The Hollywood A-Lister (bottom photo) whose current role is as a gay rocker in “Rock of Ages,” tweeted his disdain for the New York Daily News editor, calling him “Her highness” and “that British queen.” As if there’s something wrong with being a British queen. We’re not even going to wait for GLAAD to jump on the bandwagon choir of reactions from up-in-arms to “meh” already flooding the internet.

Southern Baptists: Gay rights aren’t civil rights. Touting how progressive they are for electing a black conference leader 17 years after apologizing for 150 years of their civil rights atrocities, the SBC fest this week reiterated – at length – their anti-gay bigotry.

Boehner photo via Metro Weekly; Davis photo from SheWired; Baldwin photo via Warner Bros.