When Rihanna sang, “We found love in a hopeless place,” she was singing about Grindr. Yes, Grindr draws curious voyeurs and horny gay boys seeking a quick fix, but it also attracts guys who, no matter how much they deny it, are looking for love.

Cue the rainbows, puppies and Celine Dion. Despite its tawdry, sometimes cheesy reputation, Grindr has attracted over three and a half million users worldwide, and remains the most popular geo-social networking application in existence. With those statistics, somehow, someway, someone will find love.

Recently, a couple I know celebrated their two-year anniversary by getting engaged. The proposal took place at sunset in Central Park. While gushing onlookers snapped photos and applauded, my friend got on bended knee and promised to love his boyfriend for all time and eternity. And how did they originally meet? You guessed it: Grindr.

So, for all the guys logging onto Grindr on a lonely night hoping that the next screen tap may lead them to Mr. Right, below are a few screen-captured tips for having a fulfilling experience with “Do” and “Don’t” captions to help you along.

Former Atlantan Totally Tyler is a Manhattan-based blogger and the author of “Your Boyfriend and Other Guys I’ve Kissed: The Tails of Totally Tyler.” Watch our video interview with him, check out more of his creepy and funny Grindr finds, How not to hit someone up on Grindr, reasons to keep or toss Grindr, and Grindr three-ways.