You can’t always make time to stay up on Atlanta’s latest LGBT news, events, entertainment and watercooler-worthy buzz. That’s OK. Here’s a rundown of our five most-popular posts that got readers talking this week.

Atlanta’s Lil Scrappy: The closet spreads AIDS

MTV’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” continues making headlines at the expense of LGBT stereotypes. The latest is the show’s Lil Scrappy, who fully supports gay Hip-Hop artists like Frank Ocean coming out – because it deters AIDS. Read the full post.

CNBC profiles former Blake’s owner and con man

Former mortgage mogul and Blake’s On The Park owner Lee Farkas, now in a prison cell for 30 years, suffers another indignity in his fall from grace. The gay man who orchestrated the biggest bank fraud in U.S. history gets another comeuppance in a CNBC documentary. Read the full post.

The 5 creepiest things The ATL Twins say

This is not a post about the gay fascination with twincest. It is about how Atlanta twins Sidney and Thurman Sewell prove that, when given a platform, creepy jerks use it to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are anti-gay, misogynistic creepy jerks. Read the full post.

Attacker says sorry, but adds ‘I barely hit him’

One of the three men facing up to 75 years in prison for beating an Atlanta gay man, Brandon White (photo), apologized to the victim and Atlanta’s LGBT community during a sometimes-contentious court hearing Thursday that included gay activists asking for leniency for the attackers. Read the full post.

John Rocker: I’m not an anti-gay dick anymore

Roid rager and mesh shirt aficionado John Rocker is ready to make nice with the gays he insulted with his dickish comments as an Atlanta Braves pitcher, so he kissed the ring of CNN’s second most popular gay on July 7. Read the full post.

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