Courts, crime, city council, crazies and a crusader against conservatives. The LGBTs are all up in Atlanta’s news in the last seven days. Here are our most popular stories, posts and interviews that set gay tongues a-wagging this week.

Former WNBA player indicted for attack on ex

Retired lesbian basketball star Chamique Holdsclaw now faces six criminal charges for her alleged role in chasing down her ex on the streets of Atlanta, smashing the SUV’s windows, pouring gas inside and firing a shot. Here’s what a grand jury heard.

Meet gay Atlanta man conservatives love to hate

A conservative Georgia lawmaker calls him a pansy. A Republican leader is chased out of the Gold Dome. Yep, Bryan Long and his progressive watchdog group Better Georgia are making waves. How a gay man is leading the progressive charge in Georgia.

Gay man stabbed during attack in Midtown

A 32-year-old gay Atlanta man was stabbed several times during a fight on a Midtown street last weekend. One witness intervened, and another helped detain the attacker as he tried to flee before police arrived. Read how the harrowing tale unfolded.

Midtown’s sex workers safe from exile–for now

A proposal to banish sex workers from Atlanta has stalled amid opposition that includes LGBT activists and gay Midtown residents. So the city is regrouping and Peggy Denby is looking for her swagger. Read about LGBT pressure on Atlanta City Council to back down.

Feds charge man who threatened Atlanta gays

A man stocked with weapons who threatened to shoot up an Atlanta comedy club over a gay spoof video and used Facebook to spout anti-gay, racist and anti-trans rants now faces up to 15 years in prison. Here’s how crazy it got to catch the attention of FBI, ATF and Secret Service.

Gay Emory man puts local face on Boy Scouts debate

Atlanta Pride to burp rainbow in October–again

Heretic bans smoking in most areas of bar

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