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‘Fags’ fight back at Atlanta Waffle House [video]

While a cell cam rolled, a group of people in a metro Atlanta Waffle House, upset over being called “faggots,” took matters into their own hands: They bitch-slapped the offender until he fell to the floor and curled up in the fetal position. Take that, bully. Watch the video.

A drag queen’s epic retort over Burkhart’s firing

On Wednesday evening, longtime Atlanta drag performer Savannah Leigh went public with her firing from gay bar Burkhart’s, posting this epic repudiation to Facebook and prompting responses. The drag drama back-and-forth is alternatingly amusing, enlightening and frightening. But a good read.

AIDS Walk struts toward $1 million [photos]

They ran. They walked. They pushed baby strollers. They hugged and held hands. Thousands of people flooded Piedmont Park to help raise what organizers hope will be nearly $1 million during the 22nd Annual AIDS Walk Atlanta 5K & Run on Sunday. Read our report and view the full gallery.

Rocking the skinny suspenders in the gay-TL

You don’t have to be a fashionisto or trendsetter to notice. It only takes a pair of eyes to clue in that gay Atlanta embraces braces and is now supersaturated in the suspenders trend that’s been gaining on us for a few years. From Pride casual to VIP fancy, Five ways to make the trend your own.

Clark Howard does Pride, sparks mayoral rumor

Radio cheapskate Clark Howard took part in the Atlanta Pride parade, glad-handing fans along Peachtree Street and sparking rumors that the once mayoral hopeful might be once again contemplating a run for City Hall next year. Compare and contrast to Mayor Reed’s minimal Pride.

Atlanta’s best gay Halloween weekend events to-do list

Chick-fil-A thrives, gives finger to gay haters

UGA-UF football game focus of gay equality push

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