What’s everyone talking about? If you were too busy to stay up on Atlanta’s latest LGBT news, events and buzz, catch up now with the most popular posts of the last seven days as determined by our readers.

What do you do when your flame cheats?

Ben Maisani, why’d you do it? The hunky beau of CNN gay Anderson Cooper was caught smooching – that’s an understatement—in public with another guy. Which leads us to this question: What do you do when your mate is caught cheating? Read the full post.

Burglar hits Alex Wan’s Midtown Atlanta home

A burglar with a cheap wine habit broke into the Midtown home of Alex Wan, the lone openly gay member of the Atlanta City Council who sits on the Public Safety Committee, breaking a window and rummaging through some drawers during the midday crime on Monday. Read the full post.

Sexy undies spice up Jungle games [photos]

The Gay Pimp and a handful of sexy models with their junk packaged in fashionable underwear spiced up the charity fundraiser Big Gay Game Show on Wednesday. View the full gallery, and be sure to check out all of this week’s great photo albums.

An asshat, Midtown bullies and ‘thugs in drag’

When Project Q’s founder declared war on the Midtown bullies who declared war on “thugs in drag,” he called it offensive. Reddit users called him names in return. How much fun is that! Midtown Ponce Security Alliance oversteps understandable efforts to combat street hustling with offensive terms, hyperbole and suckering media outlets. We called them on it. Most readers got it. Others not so much. Read our interview.

Meet the gay Democrat running in north Georgia

Gary Harrell’s path to elected office goes through a three-term incumbent Republican in a conservative north Georgia county. But this small business owner in Floyd County enjoys a challenge and isn’t afraid to throw a toga party to reach his goal. We talk to him about taking his grassroots work into a campaign, gay politics in north Georgia, and why his race should matter to gay Atlanta. Read the full post.

BONUS: Indigo Girl Amy Ray to headline Atlanta Pride’s Sunday

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