Top brass at the Atlanta Falcons continued their drumbeat of "we're OK with the gays," this time with team owner Arthur Blank saying it's time to make gay athletes "part of our culture."

The comments are the latest from top Falcons officials in the wake of NFL prospect Michael Sam coming out. Blank discussed the issue of gay players with USA Today as he and other owners sat through a presentation from gay former NFL defensive back Wade Davis.

"I think the most important thing is that it is a matter of respect," Blank told USA TODAY Sports. "How we live is more important that what we say about it. The guidance that we're getting from the league is outstanding, and the attention that it is getting is outstanding. But is up to us to make sure it becomes a living part of our culture, with more sensitivity, more awareness of the impact of what we're saying."

In February, Falcons General Manager Thomas Dimitroff offered support to Sam and said the team judges players on talent, not sexual orientation.

The Falcons cut homophobe Asante Samuel, who grabbed headlines by saying he's so afraid of the gays that he wouldn't let his kids near them. Sadly, the team also ditched hunky Ray Edwards, who offered in 2012 that he'd "be very open" to a gay teammate

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