A group of people in a metro Atlanta Waffle House, upset over being called “faggots,” took matters into their own hands: They bitch-slapped the offender until he fell to the floor and curled up in the fetal position. Take that, bully.

A 48-second video of the altercation was posted Oct. 16 to World Star Hip Hop, the same site that first published the video of a gay man being attacked in southwest Atlanta. That video went viral, helped lead police to the attackers and played a role in their eventual guilty pleas in July.

The Waffle House video–titled “Straight Guy Calls Gay Dudes “F*gs” & Gets Mollywhopped By All Of Them Inside Wafflehouse!—also went viral, collecting nearly 1.2 million views and more than 400 comments on the website. It nabbed more attention when it was later posted to Reddit.

The video shows a man in a blue shirt in a verbal exchange with a group of people off-camera. He calls them “faggots” and they react by confronting him. When the man pokes a woman in the chest, she slaps him. At least three men then step in and repeatedly strike the man as he falls to the ground.

“Now get the fuck out,” says the woman that the man assaulted as the incident escalated. “Hit me again, mother fucker.”

After the initial slapping, one of the men that struck the man who yelled the anti-gay slur comes back for several more smacks.

“What the fuck is wrong with you,” he says as he slaps the man’s head while he lays on the floor.

A spokesperson for Atlanta police says the agency is familiar with the video, but that there is no indication that the incident took place within the city limits. A spokesperson for Atlanta-based Waffle House could not be immediately reached on Wednesday.

UPDATE: A Waffle House spokesperson said Thursday that the company is aware of the video but has not been able to identify in which restaurant the incident took place. “We have asked local management to watch the video and investigate at their local restaurants,” spokesperson Kelly Thrasher said.