The storm over faggot-gate has passed for Marlo Hampton of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” How can you tell? She was making it rain for some performers at the Black Gay Pride edition of a drag show and didn’t get chased out by the drag queen emcee.

Not that Miss Sophia didn’t raise the issue of Hampton’s gay slur during an episode of the Bravo hit earlier this year. Oh she so did. And not just in the video above, but when she chased Hampton down in her VIP seat at Stars of the Century on Sept. 3 (view photos).

Miss Sophia worked herself intro a frenzy before throwing off her wig, charging at Hampton and holding a chair high above her head as if she was going to smack her with it. And if you’ve seen Miss Sophia before, you know that’s pretty high. She’s a big girl.

But it was all in drag queen jest. The chair came down, the wig was restored and Miss Sophia pulled Hampton from her chair to quiz her about the upcoming season. Andy Cohen, where are you when we need you in Atlanta again? Miss Sophia prodded and prodded for some dish, but Hampton’s lips were sealed except for this: “There’s going to be some drama.”

Let’s hope that this season, it’s not drama of the anti-gay kind.

Hampton enjoyed the show with Miss Lawrence, one of the gay sidekicks on RHOA that defended Hampton in the days after the slur aired on TV. Hampton posed for photos with fans and showered dollar bills on stage for some of the performers.

Hampton’s apology tour? Officially over.