WSB troll and chief extremist at RedState Erick Erickson is back with another gay slur, this time blaming "fat lesbians" for snatching federal dollars from Ebola research.

Yep, the Atlanta radio host, misogynist and gay-slurring pundit really said it:

For example, instead of studying Ebola, the National Institutes of Health were studying the propensity of lesbians to be fat.

Erickson's newest screed against something gay came Monday with a post on his RedState blog, Fat Lesbians Got All the Ebola Dollars, But Blame the GOP.

Despite Erickson's continued anti-LGBT rants – he wants protections for people who discriminate against the gays, everyone should know being gay is a sin, there should be no gay Boy Scouts, he won't bake a gay wedding cake and trans people are laughable – his general dickishness goes unnoticed by WSB, who keeps him plugged into "Atlanta's Evening News" from 5 p.m to 7 p.m weekdays.

[h/t Salon]