Elton rates presidents on AIDS and gays, Patriots’ Gronkowski fine with gay teammate, FDA approves AIDS drug Truvada as HIV preventative, lesbian widow petitions Supreme Court, Mitt Romney’s anti-gay VP shortlist, Chevy and Target want gay dollars, and more LGBT headlines.

Florida official: “Usually black women who look like me” aren’t lesbians. Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll (top photo) deflected questions about her own alleged same-sex relationship with a staffer by saying women who look like her “don’t engage in relationships like that.” Open mouth, insert backlash.

How anti-gay are Romney’s potential running mates? Person by person, Mitt Romney’s veep shortlist gets the once-over on LGBT issues. Some pro- (but mostly anti-) gay moves by the top contenders for the nod.

Family Research Council taps anti-gay retired Army general. The wingnut group that mainly fights gay rights appointed retired Army general William G. “Jerry” Boykin (second photo) as executive vice president. He’s best remembered for anti-Muslim and anti-gay statements, including that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal “increased the pace of our decline morally within our government institutions.”

Chevy Volt: Gay drivers wanted. Survey says! In the “we’re a market as much as a movement” category, gay men and lesbians prefer fuel efficiency, make up five percent of new car buyers and earn an average six figures (ha!). General Motors jumps on board for the pink dollar in their latest campaign.

Supreme Court asked to hear yet another DOMA challenge. Edie Windsor (third photo), an 83-year-old widow forced to pay more than $363,000 in estate taxes because federal law doesn’t recognize her marriage to her late female spouse, filed a petition for the court to hear her case. It’s one of several cases in which a federal judge has already declared DOMA unconstitutional.

Second try to repeal California’s gay history law fails. The law that requires LGBT history as part of public school history curriculums is the first of its kind. For the second time, detractors failed to qualify a ballot referendum to repeal it.

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski would be “cool” with gay teammate‎. After initially declining an interview with gay blog OutSports, Gronkowski finally agreed to answer questions, saying he’d be “respectful” if a teammate came out. That’s good, because the gays are already all about his ESPN Body Issue shoot (fourth photo).

FDA approves Truvada for HIV prevention. Studies have shown the AIDS drug already in use by HIV-positive people to combat the disease reduces infection risk by about 42 percent. Concerns include whether users would reduce safe sex practices and whether HIV-negative people will pony up the $1,200 monthly pricetag.

Target selling gay marriage greeting cards. Cards hit stores in June with messages like “Mr. & Mr.” and “Two very special women, one very special love.” The move reflects the superstores’ younger clientele and “commitment to diversity,” according to the company.

Elton John rates presidents on AIDS and gays. Matt Lauer interviewed the singer and AIDS activist (bottom photo) on “The Today Show.” Watch what he had to say about Obama, Bush II, Clinton and Reagan:

Carroll photo from Raw Story; Boykin photo via FRC; Windsor photo by New York Civil Liberties Union; Gronkowski photo by ESPN; John photo from NBC