Kennedy Center honors Ellen DeGeneres with Mark Twain Prize, Log Cabin Republicans endorse Mitt Romney before Tuesday debate, NFL closet team owners’ fault, lesbians sue for wedding discrimination, Halloween princess, and more LGBT headlines.

Lesbian couple denied wedding venue files suit. Melisa Erwin and Jennie McCarthy (top photo) filed a discrimination complaint after their dream wedding site refused them because they are gay. With gay marriage legal in the state, the case could set a legal precedent for businesses choosing their clientele.

Where was the “gay” in presidential debates? As if your armchair pundit friends haven’t already inundated you with their takes, here’s a look at how LGBT issues again fell to the wayside in Tuesday’s Barack v. Mitt faceoff. Or is it a good sign that “Silence is golden on gay issues”? Oh and it finally happened: The gay Log Cabin Republicans endorsed Romney on Tuesday.

Ellen DeGeneres wins Mark Twain prize. The lesbian trailblazer (second photo) collected the nation’s highest comedy honor on Monday among a roomful of comic legends. The ceremony for the Kennedy Center’s Mark Twain Prize for American Humor will air on PBS Oct. 30.

Marriage equality foe: Gays “worthy of death.” A panel against Maryland’s Question 6, the ballot measure that would enact the state legislature’s gay marriage law, included big time anti-gays and even an ex-gay. The death sentence comment even got a big laugh. Ick.

Retired NFL player blames owners for football’s gay closet. Former New York Jet and Carolina Panther Kris Jenkins (third photo) says that he’s tired of anti-gay team owners keeping players closeted, and keeping LGBT allies from speaking up.

Illinois school board passes, then rescinds, trans rights policy. Just four days after unanimously approving a policy to protect transgender students, the East Aurora School District outside Chicago outcry forced the wussies into an emergency-meeting reversal.

Study: Kids are all right whether parents gay or straight. The University of California, Los Angeles, evaluated 82 high-risk children adopted from foster care after one month, three months and one year of placement. Results showed equal increases in cognitive development for kids in gay, lesbian and straight-run homes.

Halloween candid camera toys with trans issues. ABC’s “What Would You Do” pretends again to be investigating transgender issues instead of trolling for ratings. It springs “My son wants to be a princess” (bottom photo) and “My daughter wants to be Spider-Man” on unsuspecting costume shoppers. Watch:

McCarthy-Erwin photo by AP; DeGeneres photo by Washington Post; Jenkins photo via OutSports; princess photo from ABC