Chrissy Renaee, you had us at “Gay Glasses.” The 20-year-old Athens, Ga., resident takes a no holds barred approach to being a transgender woman as she confronts her fears, the prejudice of others and most anything on her mind in a series of out and proud YouTube videos.

She took to YouTube in December, launching her channel with a series of clips that includes “I’m Gay Glasses.” In it, she offers a 41-second primer on how she faces the anti-gay and anti-trans catcalls she endures. Her fuck you to her haters ends with this: Pulling on a pair of sunglasses emblazoned with “I’m Gay” on the lenses.

You go, girl.

After she reached out to us, we asked Renaee a few questions to get a taste of what motivates the video series and the reaction she’s seen since taking to YouTube.

What prompted you to create the “Gay Glasses” video?
To come out the closet and to show people that’s who I am. I am happy and I am an proud gay male. I wouldn’t change for anyone.

What’s the reaction been to the video since you posted it?
A lot of support from my family, and a lot of respect from friends and people in my town. My family tells me all the time they love me and they support me 100%

You describe yourself as openly gay and transgender? When did you come out? Do you live all of the time as a transgender woman?
Transgender, I came out during my senior year to some people but officially came out Summer 2010. Yes I do, I dress as a girl 24/7.

How do people react when you wear your Gay Glasses?
People just look at me weirdly like what is “he” wearing, and I just smile and walk away.