Gay Atlanta is no stranger to circuit legend DJ Manny Lehman, and Manny is no stranger as the reigning champ of local gay holiday bashes. As he eyes Jungle on Saturday, Lehman says you are why he keeps coming back.

Lehman was hanging out at Studio 54 and learning from the best as far back at the early ‘80s. He and his energetic sets have been in the gay consciousness almost as long. In Atlanta, he is the go-to headliner for Thanksgiving Eve’s annual Butterball, he starts many a New Years off right, and he even blasts off here occasionally on the Fourth of July.

But Saturday’s set is his first in Atlanta this year. So before his personal brand of thumpa-thumpa makes its 2012 Atlanta debut, Lehman talks music, community, service with a smile – and asks directions to the nearest strip club.

You’re an Atlanta nightlife veteran. What keeps you coming back for more?
The people keep me coming back. They are so into the music in Atlanta, and that always makes it a music challenge and adventure. Not to mention the city itself is a beautiful city and I always enjoy a romp through it ... and please point me in the direction of the strip joints.

What can the dancing queens expect during your gig on Saturday at Jungle?
They can expect some energetic, fun, up-to-the-minute music and some sassy beats served with a smile.

Speaking of serving, any new material on Saturday’s menu?
I have been in the studio quite a bit pumping out a lot of remixes that I will sprinkle in during the night. Currently, I am working on my new single that will be released very soon.

What do you say to the queens who haven’t decided what they’re doing Saturday night?
Get out there and vote ... oops, sorry, lost my train of thought there for a second ... Come out and dance! Let’s support the community of dance and have some fun doing it.