He “doesn’t give a shit,” and that’s what fans of Del Shores love about him. The “Sordid Lives” creator and frequent Atlanta guest returns to town to dish no-holds-barred in “Naked. Sordid. Reality.”

Shores (photo) loves Atlanta, and his Atlanta gays love him right back. We’ve followed his ups – filming his latest movie here, making 2011’s Snowpocalypse fun, bringing his “Sordid Confessions” standup routines to Jungle club (twice) – and his downs, including a surprise divorce from longtime partner Jason Dottley.

Well, he’s back, bitches, and more jaded than ever. This time, his local “Naked. Sordid. Reality” tour stop on Aug. 17 at OnStage Atlanta benefits one of our favorite gay things to do: Support Process Theatre, the gay-led troupe that brings us the sold-out drag versions of “Designing Women” and “Golden Girls” episodes. At the theater company’s latest fundraiser, expect more dirty details with no punches pulled on Shores’ sordid life, his run-ins with anti-gay haters, true Hollywood stories and from the looks of the show poster, some dirty little secrets as a single-again gay man.

“Look, I’ve had a rough few months, okay. I’m bitter and mean and don’t give a shit, so no telling what I’ll say this time,” Shores warns theatergoers.

That echoes his interview with Project Q, when he said that with Paxil and alcohol in him, even he doesn’t know what might come out of his mouth.

“I decided to just say what’s on my mind. It’s so politically wrong, things a lot of us think but don’t say. I have lots to confess that I certainly have never admitted in public until now,” he told us. “It turns out that things I say after a couple of cocktails that make people laugh in a bar will make people laugh from the stage. I don’t hold back. It’s going to be a rockin’ good time.”

So, gird your loins and go buy tickets online now.