“Harry Potter” star next to play gay poet Ginsberg, LGBT Indiana plates pulled, Ben & Jerry’s backs gay marriage with specialty flavor, “House of Lies” Roscoe breaks gender ground for kids, conservatives bash back at GLAAD, and more LGBT headlines.

Gender non-conforming Roscoe makes waves on “House of Lies.” Show creator Matthew Carnahan says the Showtime character (top photo) breaks ground but isn’t gay, straight or transgender. “He’s just Roscoe.”

DADT repeal “proceeding smoothly.” Exactly six-months into having openly gay soldiers and staffers, a Military Times poll reports that nearly three-quarters of respondents said an individual coming out in their units had no impact. An increased number of respondents in this year’s poll also said that they expected repeal to have no net effect on military cohesion or readiness.

Omar Sharif, Jr.: Gay, half Jewish and Egyptian. It’s not a good combination in Egypt, where the grandson of the Hollywood icon has fled permanently for the U.S. He comes out and talks about the fear of persecution in his homeland. Oh, and he’s hot (middle photo).

Ben & Jerry’s renames flavor to support U.K. marriage equality. British sales of “Apple-y Ever After” are in limited edition cartons featuring two grooms as the government hurtles toward its final decision on transferring gay partnerships into full marriages.

Indiana yanks LGBT license plate. No, it wasn’t anti-gay. Other non-profit specialty plates got the boot, too. The LGBT youth group benefactor was among those who broke contracts by offering low-digit plates in exchange for contributions from donors.

Conservatives slam GLAAD’s repository of anti-gay rhetoric. In response to the gay group’s recent launch of its Commentator Accountability Project that exposes the 36 most virulently anti-gay so-called TV “experts,” the New American published this virulently anti-gay opinion piece condemning it.

Sneak peek at Daniel Radcliffe as Allen Ginsberg. The first snapshots of the “Harry Potter” star playing the gay Beat poet (bottom photo) in “Kill Your Darlings” have emerged. The film focuses on Ginsberg’s relationship with Jack Kerouac in the years preceding the obscenity trial over the poem “Howl” as portrayed in 2010 by James Franco.

One arrest so far in Portland beating of gay couple. The gay men were holding hands when two men approached them and made anti-gay slurs. A fight ensued in which one of the attackers wielded a knife. That man is still on the lam.

“House of Lies” photo from Showtime; Sharif photo via Towleroad; Radcliffe photo by People