Anniversary list of DADT repeal milestones, GOP campaign staffer accused of same-sex misconduct as a Citadel cadet, celebutante says Grindr men “probably all have AIDS,” Supreme Court on gay rights, Rupert Everett keeps talking, and more LGBT headlines.

DADT Repeal Day: One Year In. For Thursday’s first anniversary, a list of 25 milestone moments (top photo) since the lifting of the military’s gay ban. The president celebrated, and you can celebrate the anniversary in Atlanta, too. But don’t forget transgender soldiers who are still “unfit to serve,” and that Lt. Dan Choi is still on trial for pre-repeal protests.

Former Santorum, Romney staffer accused of same-sex Citadel harassment. Steven Munoz, a graduate of the South Carolina military college, stands accused of sexual attacks on two male cadets. The complainants are still students there and allege the misconduct took place in 2010 and 2011.

Paris Hilton: Grindr gays ‘disgusting.’ The celebutante (second photo) found some attention to boost her waning popularity. This time, at the expense of gay men who enjoy random hookups. A spokesperson says she wasn’t dissing all gay men, but quotes include: “Gay guys are the horniest people in the world. They’re disgusting. Dude, most of them probably have AIDS.”

Supreme Court in session: Gay rights agenda. Several cases on the legality of gay marriage as it relates to DOMA and Prop 8, as well as benefits for partners of gay Arizona state employees are before the court. Which cases they choose to hear could change the face of LGBT rights. Justice Ginsburg predicts a DOMA ruling within a year.

Mitt Romney would want gay grandkids to be happy. While he would still illegalize marriage for gay couples, the candidate (third photo) tries to have it both ways by backing “two people of the same gender living in a loving relationship together having a domestic partnership” when asked what advice he’d give to a gay family member.

Berkeley declares Bisexual Pride Day. As expected, the city council in the progressive California town unanimously backed what is believed to be the first Bisexual Pride in the nation. The big day is Sunday, Sept. 23.

Rupert Everett stands by gay parenting comments. After drawing fire for saying that kids need a father and mother and that he can imagine nothing worse than having two gay dads, the gay actor (bottom photo) defends his statements by saying he is entitled to his opinion but really doesn’t care if gay couples have kids.

Seattle venue denies lesbian wedding. A female couple from Eugene, Ore., takes to the airwaves after planning their big day with an unnamed venue – until the owner found out there were two brides. “You know, I actually don’t think that would be a good fit,” the owner told the women.

Navy photo by AP; Hilton photo from Radar; Romney photo via Think Progress; Everett photo from San Francisco Chornicle