A confrontation. Hide and seek. Nailing a guy in the same apartment he still shares with his ex. Breakups can bring out the worst in us, what with gay Atlanta bitches and all. But this split is providing ammunition for what's got to be one of the most bitter Craigslist Missed Connections ads ever.

So this 42-year-old Atlanta guy returns to the apartment near Interstate 85 that he shares with his ex. That's where his former boyfriend yet still roommate is tricking with a new guy. Bad timing or bad manners aside, the trickless ex flips out.

How do we know? He posted an ad to Missed Connections on Craigslist: The guy in my apartment last night with my EX - m4m - 42 (Atlanta I85). Uh-oh.

We had a confrontation last night, you were trying to hide out and I still caught your ass in the car.

So the unexpected meet-and-greet with the trick of your ex spilled outdoors after a failed attempt at hiding. Next time, let him host.

We exchanged words and you left on foot and talking to someone on your phone.

If by "exchanged words," you mean "I screamed at you in the parking lot, called you a homewrecking slut and told my neighbors that you've got a small dick," then yes. But wait, trick, you hid in the car then decided to make your getaway on foot? Not smart.

You confirmed you are HIV poz and of course so is he.

That complicates things.

You said you just met a couple weeks ago and obviously you have been in my apartment more than once.

That way you moved so effortlessly from the closet to the open window and jumped through during your escape indicates a familiarity with the floorplan that a first-time trick wouldn't have. Bravo! Note to self: Request blueprints before meeting future sex partners.

I need to talk to you more. Email me and we can go from there.

No, really. I'm not mad anymore. Nor bitter. And I'm certainly not bringing my friends to help kick your ass. Or a box cutter. As part of my 12-step recovery to get over this breakup, I want to meet each of the tricks my ex snags to discuss what a whore he is, his limp dick and compare notes on how lame he is in the sack. That's like step six or something.

Brawl now over, let's take a nap. Also, find a new apartment.