imageRocker’s NOH8 photo meets skepticism, Rick Perry’s anti-gay ad gift that keeps on giving, gay veteran confronts Mitt Romney, two donors fund bulk of NOM budget, anti-gay Alabama politician donates sperm to lesbians, and more LGBT headlines.

Parodies of Rick Perry ad show power of social media. As spoof videos and “dislikes” of the candidate’s anti-gay TV ad continue to grow Millennials, the generation that has come of age since 2000, are adept at spreading the word. A wave of hecklers on Sunday (top photo) could show the ad is Rick Perry’s Alamo.

National Organization for Marriage funded almost entirely by two people. In an accounting of 2010 as its highest donations year on record, donations by two anonymous individuals totaling some $6 million make up two-thirds of the anti-gay group’s coffers. Less than 8 percent were individual donations of less than $5,000. Grassroots organization? Hardly.

Obama on “60 Minutes”: DADT repeal “signature achievement.” The president made his case for a second term on Sunday, listing the end of the military’s gay ban as a major accomplishment.

image Gay Vietnam vet steals show at Romney endorsement party. An uncomfortable exchange between Mitt Romney (photo, right) and gay veteran Bob Garon (left) over same-sex marriage during a breakfast on Monday ended with a Romney aide ushering the candidate out, followed by Garon holding court with reporters.

Anti-gay politician’s “secret life” revealed as sperm donor to lesbians. Bill Johnson, a 2009 candidate for governor of Alabama, spent the last year in New Zealand on earthquake relief and sperm donations. Clincher: His wife didn’t know about the deposits.

Veteran syndicated journalist Paul Varnell dies at 70. Varnell has been on the frontlines since the 1980s reporting on LGBT news and advocating for tolerance. He died on Friday with complications from pneumonia.

image Does Courtney Love’s NOH8 photo make up for trashing gays? In the past year, the rocker and actress has warned Lady Gaga of the perils of surrounding herself with gay men and allowed her drummer to encourage audience members “The Foo Fighters are gay.” So does posing for the anti-homophobia campaign (bottom photo) wipe the slate clean? In a word, no.

Domestic partnerships expected to pass in Orlando. The city council is showing a sea change in attitudes in Florida toward gay residents with an ordinance that would extend hospital visitation and funeral rights to partners who register. Activists wish it was more.

Perry photo from Huffington Post; Romney photo by AP; Love photo by Adam Souska via Queerty