Cops take away Texas couple protesting gay marriage ban, queerest Comic-Con ever, gender reassignment recommended for imprisoned felon, Virginia dads allowed family pool membership, denominations review marriage, and more LGBT headlines.

State might fund prisoner’s sex-change. A doctor hired to advise the state of Virginia on the case of transgender inmate Ophelia De’Lonta (top photo) recommended the surgery. The attorney general is still expected to oppose it under the view that surgery isn’t the only treatment for gender identity.

Gay dads win: Fitness club reverses ejection from pool. A day after a Virginia couple sued over being accepted under a family membership then denied access with their toddler at the pool, the fitness center changed course to accept them.

Gay couple arrested in Texas marriage protest. Mark Jiminez and Beau Chandler (second photo, left-right) went to the Dallas clerk’s office Wednesday to file for a marriage license. When denied under the state’s gay marriage ban, they sat down and handcuffed their arms together. Police took them away.

Episcopalians review new rite for gay unions. The denomination already openly accepts gay priests and congregants, and if the new policy is approved, they’ll become the first major national church to support same-sex weddings in their houses of worship. Expansion of Presbyterian gay marriage policy is also on the table this week.

Queerest Comic-Con ever. 2012 is a banner year for LGBTs at San Diego’s Comic-Con International with more gay panels, discussions and events than ever, DC and Marvel’s big gay editions, the LGBT Prism Comics manning a triple-sized booth, plus of course, the ever present gay attendees (third photo).

Republican fervor to end Iowa gay marriage flagging. The master plan to take over the legislature and end those pesky same-sex unions looks to be waning even among staunch opponents who are watching public opinion shift as couples flock into the state to wed. Meanwhile, Illinois clerks OK’d to defend their state’s marriage ban.

Brad Pitt’s mom gets attention for anti-gay rant because her son is famous. In a tirade directly opposing her son’s pro-gay, pro-Obama views, Jane Pitt (bottom photo, left) urges readers to pray against the president as “a liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage.” Brangelina had no comment.

Gay rights a priority for younger voters. Social issues rank tops for much-needed voters under age 30. Even Young Republicans question Mitt Romney over his stance against gay marriage, civil rights for LGBT people and other social conservatism.

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De’Lonta photo by NBC12; Jiminez-Chandler photo from WFAA; Comic-Con photo via GayNet; Pitt photo from Washington Post