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Are gay Pride festivals still necessary?
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Are gay Pride festivals still necessary?

My phone has been blowing up. “Are you going to Atlanta Pride?” I almost want to announce, “No, I’m going on a mountain hike.” Of course I’m going. But what purpose does it serve?    READ MORE »

Get to know TransQueer Nation’s Tristan Skye

What makes Atlanta’s Tristan Skye tick? As a leader among the next generation of trans folks and the founder of TransQueer Nation, he takes us deeper into his past and looks ahead at fatherhood.    READ MORE »

Profile: Getting to know ITLA’s Raymond Duke

Raymond Duke is making his mark as a leader in gay African-American Atlanta. He is the current president of In the Life Atlanta, organizers of Black Gay Pride here each Labor Day Weekend.    READ MORE »

Stonewall Week: ‘Visible’ Sylvia Rivera Brunch

“I’m not missing a minute of this; it’s the revolution.” That’s what Sylvia Rivera said of the Stonewall Riots. Saturday’s Sylvia Rivera Community Brunch embraces that enthusiasm.    READ MORE »

‘Visible Lives’ authors honor E. Lynn Harris

Following the death of acclaimed author E. Lynn Harris, writers Stanley Bennett Clay, Terrance Dean and James Earl Hardy decided to pay homage and present the result Saturday.    READ MORE »

Should we starve shallowness out of gay life?

"He's hot," I thought as I rifled through a local magazine. But my panting turned to laughing when I saw it was a friend posing shirtless in the cheese-whiz of local gay magazines.    READ MORE »

Did the Bareback Time Machine kill Chad Noel?

Chad Noel was screwing in a time machine and partying like it was 1989. He died like it, too. The recent death of the 25-year-old gay porn actor is igniting a debate on barebacking and even serosorting.    READ MORE »