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Meet the gay Atlanta guy fired up about poi

Maybe you've spotted the spinning lights during a late-night swing through Jungle, Club Rush or Xion. What are those twirling balls of light and who's that cute gay Atlanta guy behind them?    READ MORE »

Burly Bakers bares its beefcake for your help

With just a week to go in a campaign to make sweet love to Atlanta, it’s time to turn up the heat in the big gay kitchen of Burly Bakers. But it’s already hot in there … so take off all their clothes? Well, kind of.    READ MORE »

Gay ATL provocateur blogs way to national honor

We kind of have a thing for blogger Mark King. Not that way; more like a sister. One who fascinates us with unapologetic boldness. Now the most prominent of gay newsies think so too.    READ MORE »

Gay artist wants you to stay in his cozy condo

When New York magazine tours Atlanta, it’s with style. And when tourists turn to the magazine for all things ATL, it’s with gays, including activities, a popular bar and a loft to live like locals.    READ MORE »

Gay garden party trades backpacks for brunch

With a second-year take on its 9-year-old event, Backpack in the Park is more brunch than carnival these days. But the gay leadership and support, as well as the namesake backpacks, remain the draw.    READ MORE »

WSB gets inspired by two gay Atlanta volunteers

With an LGBT civic leader and a young gay man struggling with drugs while he turns his life around, WSB took a deep dive into how Atlanta's new civil rights museum can inspire a new generation of activists.    READ MORE »

Packing heat? Not at this gay Atlanta church

The congregation that does drag so well, the gay-loving Saint Mark United Methodist Church, wants to make one thing clear: Pack your Bible, but not your gun, when you visit their Midtown chapel.    READ MORE »

Best gay things to do in Houston this weekend

A rose is a rose, and a weekend is a weekend. Unless it’s the first one of QFest. The festival ramps up the LGBT in your HOU with screenings to bolster this already epic Gay Agenda social calendar.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

A rose is a rose. No matter your drama during the workweek, weekend events taste no less sweet, look no less plentiful and sound just as rejuvenating. Get your LGBT in the ATL right here.    READ MORE »

Meet the Atlanta artist mocking modern masculinity

Gay Atlanta artist Anthony Griego's work screams sex. Ripped abs, bulging biceps and bare chests. But look deeper and you'll see that he's holding up a mirror to gay men and their struggle with the modern conventions of masculinity.    READ MORE »

Gay ATL stages #joininghearts Instagram takeover

If you’re gay on Instagram in Atlanta, you were inundated with images from Joining Hearts on Saturday. Ogling the bash’s crowd, studs and dance moves was the next best thing to being there.    READ MORE »

Everyone wins in salute to gay Atlanta’s ‘Best’

Besides celebrating favorites in a slew of categories across the LGBT-ATL, the actual “best” part of GA Voice’s “Best of Atlanta” voting is the party. In this corner of gay Atlanta, everyone’s a winner.    READ MORE »

Best gay things to do in Houston this weekend

Yes! Yes! Yes! We’re not just making our O face because it’s a weekend full of LGBT events. We’re getting off on just how awesome it is. And we want it with you. Reach out and grab it.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

The LGBT-ATL turns it out all year, but Joining Hearts 27 puts the Gay Agenda on steroids. Brace for a DJ invasion each night, and prepare for plenty more events that make up one mighty weekend.    READ MORE »

Hunks, trunks and 37 more bites of Joining Hearts eye candy

That sound growing louder by the hour is the buzz over Joining Hearts, gay Atlanta’s biggest charity pool party. Here's some show and tell on what packs the place and keeps hundreds coming back every year.    READ MORE »

Gay white men: ‘You are not a black woman’

Gay Atlanta white boys, you can twerk. And check-in at Hartsfield Latoya Jackson Intergalactic Spaceport & Nail Emporium. But before you act like a black woman, learn to appreciate before you appropriate.    READ MORE »

Gay ‘Heroes’ artist gives Atlanta a parting glance

Whether he’s revealing “Secrets,” exposing “Truths” and “Lies” or unmasking “Heroes, ” gay Atlanta photographer Philip Bonneau does it with backing from a rabidly loyal local fan base. Now it's so long.    READ MORE »

Gay jocks cheer big reveal of AV200 donations

The cyclists who pedal for 200 miles against AIDS each year hoisted cocktails and giant checks on Sunday to toast their 2014 efforts and proceeds from this year’s AIDS Vaccine 200 ride.    READ MORE »

Meet the Atlanta fashionista who wants to tie you up

Chris Powell wants to tie you up. But before you go there, let's be clear: This gay Atlanta educator-turned-wedding stylist and now entrepreneur is hawking bow ties. What you do with them is up to you.    READ MORE »

Joining Hearts heroes toast pool party blowout

Before enough hot guys in swimsuits gather to fill your head for the entire next year, the organizers of gay Atlanta’s biggest charity pool party thanked their patrons and sponsors with a lawn party.    READ MORE »