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15 couples raise bar on gay Halloween costumes

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to out-do the gay Halloween costumes that your Atlanta brethren are already cooking up. And hurry. The parties are about to kick into overdrive.    READ MORE »

Watch RuPaul rock Ponce as queen of ‘80s ATL

Everybody knows ‘90s RuPaul and the “Drag Race” one who we can’t wait to see return. You may even know that bit of ‘80s RuPaul who worked a B52s video. Now footage reveals where it all began.    READ MORE »

Thousands help fight HIV at AIDS Walk Atlanta

Nearly 700 runners, hundreds more walkers, 1,200 volunteers and a gorgeous fall day helped make Sunday's 24th AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K Run a rousing success.    READ MORE »

21 reasons to hit the streets for AIDS Walk

Hundreds in gay Atlanta know that getting up for Sunday’s AIDS Walk will be the most rewarding thing they do all day. Hundreds more trying to ignore it are why we still need it. Here are 21 more.    READ MORE »

Best gay things to do in Houston this weekend

It's another well-earned weekend in gay Houston, and it’s time for you to collect your just reward. Get up, get out and get down to these LGBT shows, parties, bar nights and special events.    READ MORE »

The best gay things to do in Atlanta this weekend

You might think gay Atlanta rests on its Pride laurels for one week. You’d be wrong. Get in on world premieres, comic legends, a million-dollar AIDS Walk, and more LGBT events, shows and parties.    READ MORE »

Jungle boys raise the roof on Atlanta Pride

And here you thought that Friday’s Pride nightlife was a lot to handle, but Jungle was just getting started. When DJ Manny Lehman hit town on Saturday, the big gay ante was upped on dance parties.    READ MORE »

Pride lesbians get their Dyke March on

Femmes, bois, moms, newbies, veterans and of course, dykes gathered in Piedmont Park on Atlanta Pride Saturday to show solidarity, empower women and build visibility during the Dyke March.    READ MORE »

Park people make Atlanta Pride go ‘round

Standing atop the big gay list of things to love about Atlanta Pride are two days in Piedmont Park and the sea of shining faces from all walks of LGBT life. Check out the smiles and styles.    READ MORE »

Pride people brunch their gay way to parade

On any given Sunday, a little early rain can’t scare away the gays from a good brunch. But this was Pride Parade Sunday, and nothing was going to deter HRC from its Atlanta Pride Brunch.    READ MORE »

Sun sets on Pride, Starlight Cabaret stars shine

As the sun went down on another Atlanta Pride and visions of drag queens danced in their heads, the masses migrated toward the festival’s main stage for the annual Starlight Cabaret.    READ MORE »

Jungle dances shirtless into Pride weekend

It’s just not Atlanta Pride for some gays until they’ve dumped their shirts and taken to a thumping dance floor. Cut to the scene on Friday at Jungle, where scores of dancing queens did just that.    READ MORE »

MSR parties blow doors off Pride weekend

Consider the bar reset for how big Atlanta Pride can be for the lesbian contingent. East Atlanta’s women’s bar pulled out all the stops on guests, space and scope to redefine what Pride means.    READ MORE »

Atlanta Pride Kickoff swims with the fishes

Each year on Pride Friday, local LGBTs don their gay apparel and make Georgia Aquarium the biggest gay bar in town for a few hours. And so began the fish tale of Atlanta Pride on Friday.    READ MORE »

19 lovers and haters and signs of Pride, oh my!

Signs that it’s Atlanta Pride Weekend are everywhere, but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. A deluge of people are busy putting their issues in writing and serving it on a stick. Let’s look.    READ MORE »

Are gay Pride festivals still necessary?

My phone has been blowing up. “Are you going to Atlanta Pride?” I almost want to announce, “No, I’m going on a mountain hike.” Of course I’m going. But what purpose does it serve?    READ MORE »

Best gay things to do in Houston this weekend

Look no further for Houston’s best LGBT events than right at this Gay Agenda calendar. Our listings of what’s up wrap you in the loving embrace of gay Htown like Mother’s arms, child.    READ MORE »

Best gay Atlanta Pride things to do this weekend

Your rainbow moment is finally here. Here’s everything you need to know about Atlanta’s gayest weekend. Don’t just stand there; let’s get to it. Hit the park; there’s nothing to it. Pride.    READ MORE »

29 types of hunks you’ll be thirsty for at Atlanta Pride

Daddies, twinks, and guys-next-door. You love them all, and they'll each leave a mark on Atlanta Pride. It’s so much to handle that it’s best to steel for it now with an ab-licious preview.    READ MORE »

How to get married, Atlanta Pride style

One of the tried-and-true stops on the big gay weekend Pride train is the annual commitment ceremony for couples who want to tie the knot, renew their vows, or re-spark that original flame.    READ MORE »