imageFriday’s headlines ask: Why so few openly gay actors, Colin Firth? How’s it feel to be Oscar-nominated, Lee Daniels? Where can I meet those hotties, Armani? And why gay porn and not kids’ corner, Mommy?

Colin Firth talks about Hollywood stigma on gay actors. Oscar-nominated for his role as a gay man, straight guy Firth (photo, with gay “Single Man” director Tom Ford) says he’s been unintentionally “complicit in the problem.”

Kansas Senate advances gay rights bill. The measure would prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Ugandan “death to gays” bill will be altered before it reaches a vote, the country’s Deputy Foreign Minister says.

image Online group protests Armani Exchange’s gay-friendly Valentine’s Day ad campaign (second photo). We guess doesn’t want their questioning sons and daughters to stop questioning.

Indian prince postpones trip to Nepal—which became the capital of gay Asia with same-sex weddings on Everest—after a public flap over his visit.

Researchers: gay men have “Super Uncle” evolutionary advantage. This Canadian study says that if being gay is at least partially genetic, the survival prospects of close relatives indirectly it more likely gay men’s genes are passed on.

image More than you’ve heard yet on Oscar’s first-ever black gay nominee, Lee Daniels director of “Precious” (photo, with cast).

British government’s web portal for kids shares name with gay porn site. Poor little Jimmy wanted “Buster’s World” not “Busters World,” a site for gay male balloon fetishes. No, we do not make this stuff up.

Anne Hathaway left Catholocism after her brother came out, she says in the upcoming issue of GQ.

UK’s Football Association, known here as their professional soccer league, cancelled the debut of its short film on homophobia in the sport. Gay athletes consulted for the film, including former NBA player John Amaechi, have criticized it as “an expletive-laden rant.” The association’s Kick It Out committee on homophobia and racism produced the piece. That’s right, a professional sports league has such a committee.