CNN Atlanta gay Don Lemon is most definitely not a chub chase. And he most definitely did not cruise actor Jonah Hill outside a hotel bathroom. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s dig into this Twitter spat.

The maybe racist but always tweeting Lemon got into an online bitch-slapping contest with the chubby pretty non-gay Hill late Thursday. Lemon, worn down after election coverage and flight delays, encountered Hill in a hotel. The anchor tried to say hi and the actor delivered the brush off.

Like any good queen, Lemon then took to Twitter to bitch about it. Hill responded and a catty fight ensued. The back-and-forth included a couple of gems – Hill sarcastically questioning if Lemon wanted him to move into his Virginia-Highland home and a Lemon retort, “you’re not my type.” “Beeyotch” was implied.

Lemon appeared on CNN on Friday morning to amplify his tweets and not to “get sanctimonious.” Uh-huh. And to clear up that he does his cruising away from public toilets.

“The idea that I am waiting for Jonah Hill outside a bathroom is absurd,” Lemon says.

To sum up, no chubs for Lemon. But Dustin Lance Black and shirtless gladiators? Maybe. John Rocker? Definitely not.