Watch RNC darling Clint Eastwood tell Ellen why he backs gay marriage, MLB shortstop Yunel Escobar sorry but suspended for “faggot” slur, Chick-fil-A backpedals anti-gay rhetoric, corporate Boy Scouts funding, Berkeley Bisexual Pride Day, and more LGBT headlines.

Slurring shortstop says sorry, gets suspended. At a Tuesday press conference, former Atlanta Brave and current Toronto Blue Jay Yunel Escobar (top photo) said that “You’re a faggot” written in Spanish on his face during a game was “misinterpreted” and apologized. The team supended Escobar for three games, which amounts to about $82,000 in pay.

Did gays just get punk’d by Chick-fil-A? No, it’s apparently true. The Atlanta-based chicken chain reportedly promises to stop donating to anti-gay marriage groups and returns to its old “we’re not anti-anybody” rhetoric. It does not, however, backpedal the company president’s own anti-gay pride, include sexual orientation into its anti-discrimination policy or promise to accept gay couples at its Winshape Foundation. UPDATE: Chick-fil-A clarified Thursday: We’re still anti-gay.

“That ‘70s Show,” “Chelsea” star to play bisexual in prison drama. Laura Prepon (middle photo), who most recently played Chelsea Handler on TV, has been tapped to play an incarcerated drug runner in “Weeds” creator Jenji Kohan’s new 13-episode prison drama “Orange is the New Black.”

Berkeley may become first city to hold Bisexual Pride. The city council of the progressive California town—where an anti-gay metro-Atlanta schools chief got slapped this week – votes Tuesday on declaring Bisexual Pride Day, which will include events and recognition apart from its traditional annual Pride.

“Pro-gay” corporations still donate big to Boy Scouts. Twenty-three of the top 50 corporate foundations ranked by amount of charitable giving gave at least $10,000, a dozen at least $100,000 to the BSA. Many of the top 50 have policies not to fund organizations that discriminate based on sexual orientation. Meanwhile, a Delaware church drops Scouts troop over the gay ban.

Washington gay marriage foes mount TV blitz. Opponents of the state’s marriage equality referendum have reserved $1.5 million in television time for a fall ad campaign to sway voters to cast their ballots against it. On Maryland’s upcoming vote, Gov. Martin O’Malley comes out swinging for marriage equality.

Judge awards $500,000 in legal fees to transgender inmate. Michelle Kosilek is serving a life sentence for killing her wife. A judge already ordered that the state of Massachusetts pay for her gender reassignment surgery, and on Tuesday, ruled that the state also owes her legal fees.

Clint Eastwood talks to Ellen about his marriage equality support. Most recently making headlines for his GOP convention speech, the actor-director (bottom photo) tells the lesbian talk-show host why backing gay marriage is among the reasons he’s actually more aligned with Libertarians than Republicans. Watch:

Escobar photo by AP; Prepon photo via TVLine; Eastwood-Degeneres photo from Warner Bros.