“Walker, Texas Ranger” star blames Obama for dissenting Boy Scouts leader, Exodus International backs off “gay cure” therapy, at-home OraQuick hurtles toward final approval, GOProud vs. world, NBA fines slurring player, and more LGBT headlines.

Chuck Norris says pro-gay Boy Scouts will be Obama’s fault. The washed up action star and wingnut social conservative (top photo) speculated Tuesday that the board member who is against the Scouts’ gay ban is having his strings pulled by the president. With no proof, of course.

Exodus International distances itself from “gay cure” therapy. Exodus President Alan Chambers has cleared books on “ex-gay,” “reparative” or “conversion” therapy from the Exodus bookstore and told his ministries to stop pushing it. That’s a major shift, but he still favors helping those who want to stop practicing homosexuality via celibacy or an understanding opposite-sex partner.

NBA fines All-Star for tweeting gay slur. The league stepped in when a Knicks fan who was called “fag” made public his online exchange with Amare Stoudemire. Stoudemire apologized, but the NBA says a $50,000 fine should make the lesson stick.

This means war: Gay activists vs. GOProud. After choosing to endorse Mitt Romney for president with two dissenting gay votes, the gay conservative group first had Dan Savage calling them “house faggots.” Then Village Voice columnist Michael Musto (middle photo) called them “Jewish Nazis.” Now fueling the fire is a link to a slew of online criticism from gays that GOProud says goes too far.

Pentagon honors gay troops at Pride ceremony. What happened at Tuesday’s first-ever event at U.S. military headquarters and why formerly closet-mandated gay staffers and soldiers call the whole thing “surreal.”

At-home HIV test making its way to market. The Blood Products Advisory Committee agreed unanimously to recommend the home version of the OraQuick test. Its accuracy is just 93 percent compared to 99 percent for the healthcare industry version, but it could save thousands who are afraid to get tested by a professional. The FDA is now expected to approve it for store shelves.

Fight Back Colorado targets lawmakers who blocked civil unions. The group modeled on an opposite-agenda effort that removed anti-equality incumbents in New York, will target lawmakers responsible for killing the state’s civil unions law under pressure from big demonstrations (bottom photo).

It’s National HIV Testing Day. The president approves. The White House released a prepared statement in support of the national push for people to get tested and know their status.

Former LGBT center head charged with embezzlement. Lisa Winters, the former executive director of Bronx Community Pride, was arrested on suspicion of bilking $338,000 from the gay resource center for personal use during her six-year tenure. The deficit could mean the center will have to close.

Norris photo via Politico; Musto photo from Village Voice; protest photo by Denver Post