Christmas ‘Miracle’ is the gayest thing in Atlanta right now

With a never-ending rollercoaster of anti-queer political theater, disasters both legal and natural, national tragedies, and pulling out the receipts on sexual predators, if there’s one thing that 2017 has inspired, it has to be escapism.

“Getting away from it all” is at the top of everyone’s list. Lucky for us, Santa hit Atlanta early this year.

The over-the-top, Christmas themed pop-up bar Miracle on Monroe returns nestled among some of our favorite LGBTQ hangout spots in Midtown Promenade. Looking to transport yourself back to a simpler season of holidays past? This is the place.

With the entrance facing Landmark Theater and Apres Diem, Miracle has us right at home, even if we did have to wait to get in. Be a good sport and spend the wait taking selfies with the Star Wars themed holiday chalkboards outside.

When queers do tacky, we expect it to be completely overdone and as outlandish as possible. Go all-in or go home. Well, Miracle nails it. From the ceiling that looks like that neighbor’s house with the holiday lights up year round, to the life-size animatronic dancing Santa, they covered all the bases. Artwork includes drawings from holiday classic movies, and the music is based on the unapologetic playing of Alvin and the Chipmunks’ “Christmas Song.”

With the aesthetic on point to get you in the proper spirit, the drink menu takes over. Miracle refrains from a full standard bar to focus on a well-rounded list of seasonal cocktails. The menu includes ten holiday inspired concoctions like the Christmapolitan and good ol’ mulled wine – and two shooters.

The limited liquor options may be off-putting if you’re accustomed to ordering a long island, margarita, or basic martini, but it’s a Christmas bar, so stretch yourself. Liquor options are supplemented with beer and wine options for those looking to stay a bit more low-key.

At $12 per cocktail, the cheapskate in me would normally complain, but you’re definitely paying for – and getting – the experience. Of the ten standard cocktail selections, I tried four of the most popular. Yes four, don’t judge.

Jingle Ball Nog  Likely the best eggnog I’ve ever had. While it’s a small serving size, the cup it comes in is so cute, you’ll forgive them.

Yippie Ki Yay Mother F*****!,  Miracle’s play on a Mai-Tai, is served in a generous ceramic Santa mug. My mug was Santa’s pants, which felt just dirty enough for me to make some spirited jokes that I’m completely certain none of the staff had heard before.

Run Run Rudolph  A combo of tequila and iced hot chocolate, served in a decorative Collins glass with whipped cream, this drink is a serious indulgence. Not too boozy, but clearly has a kick. Order a cookie plate to “accidentally” spill part of this drink on. Your life will change.

Snowball Old Fashioned – Like being punched in the face with alcohol. In a good way. If you’re into tasting your booze, this well-constructed cocktail served with in a rocks glass over a ball of ice gives serious bang for the buck.

Other notable props for Miracle include an incredibly friendly service staff – shout out to my bartender, Courtney. Hey girl, hey! – top-notch cleanliness, and gender-neutral bathrooms.

Miracle on Monroe is located in Midtown Promenade at 931 Monroe Drive NE. It opens Wednesdays through Sundays at 5 p.m.

This article originally appeared in Q magazine. Read the full issue below.