With new tracks and old favorites in tow, DJ/Producer Chris Cox made Heretic part of his almost super-human busy weekend. He hit town Saturday with his signature backbeats featuring big-name vocals.

“Heretic is kinda like the friendly girl next door that also has that super dark nasty side,” Cox told us before the set. “She lets you do dirty things that you maybe couldn’t do with your supermodel girlfriend. It’s really inviting and super friendly and kinda seedy at the same time, and I really like that.”

So like the booty call you can’t wait to answer, Cox made his trip worth it between two Market Days gigs in Chicago by putting Heretic to a dirty beat as promised. The boys, men and dancing queens got what they wanted out of Cox, too.

His set was preceded by local gay DJ fave Mike Pope, who stayed for Cox’s set to enjoy the vibe and mix with the crowd.

Photos by Eric Huminski