Christian sound bite creator Dan Cathy came out swinging in a TV interview about the anti-gay controversy swirling around his Chick-fil-A, letting loose enough code words to prove, again, that the Atlanta company wants nothing to do with anything gay.

The statements, provided to 11 Alive during an interview Saturday at the family’s compound The Rock Ranch in middle Georgia, are the first known public comments from Cathy since he stirred up controversy in July by chiding “arrogant” LGBT marriage advocates. Last month, the company issued a statement contradicting claims from a Chicago politician and some gay groups that Chick-fil-A was stopping its donations to anti-gay groups.

If ever there was even a whiff of hope that the company was, in fact, halting the donations that earned it national scorn (and religious support) in early August, Cathy put a stop to that on Saturday. His brief comments included more than a half-dozen references to family sprinkled with “heritage” and “Biblical.”

“Families are very important to our country, they are very important I think to all of us that are concerned about being able to hang on to the heritage that we have,” Cathy says (video above). “We support Biblical families and we’ve always been a part of that.”