Northeastern nixes chicken chain’s campus store over anti-gay views, One Million Moms targets Toys R Us for gay “Archies” character, Google makes “Santorum” search even more graphic, Maryland legalizes marriage – for now – and more LGBT headlines.

Study: Gay-led families of color face tougher road. A new report shows that children and parents in LBGT Latino and black families (top photo) deal with higher levels of discrimination and stigma.

Maryland governor signs marriage equality bill. Under the new law, gay couples can’t tie the knot until January 2013. That gives both sides time to leverage voters in the expected November ballot referendum that will determine the fate of gay marriages in the state. Voter support for gay marriage reaches all-time high in New Jersey after their governor’s veto.

Northeastern University students vote to nix Chick-fil-A. With widespread student outcry over the chicken chain’s (second photo) anti-gay affiliations and policies, the student government voted overwhelmingly not to allow a campus storefront.

Kissing gay Marine gone viral talks about his marriage to a woman. Sgt. Brandon Morgan also talks about the “very good feeling” he has over breaking stereotypes when a photo of his homecoming kiss with his boyfriend blew up on the internet.

New York City gay hotel open for business. The Out NYC in Hell’s Kitchen is a swank, 105-room boutique stunner catering to LGBT guests and their friends and family.

Police squelch LGBT march in Mississippi GetEqual reports that a permit for the march was pulled last minute citing safety concerns, and that marchers were told that it’s illegal to be openly gay in the state.

One Million Moms to Toys R Us: Dump “Archie” comics. Since their campaign against JC Penney hiring Ellen Degeneres failed so miserably, the Focus on the Family hater sub-group gathered themselves to set its sites on Toy R Us for carrying the classic series, which now includes gay character Kevin Keller (third photo) getting his own comic.

Google rejiggers “Santorum” search, makes it worse. Well, worse for the candidate. In a move to bump the top result of Dan Savage’s “the frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex,” now you get Urban Dictionary’s more descriptive version: “The sometimes frothy, usually slimy, amalgam of lubricant, stray fecal matter, and ejaculate that leaks out of the receiving partner’s anus after a session of anal intercourse.”

Advocates push Ohio marriage equality ballot. In hopes to overturn a state constitutional amendment that bans marriages between gay couples, the Freedom to Marry Coalition submits the early initial 1,700 signatures to give voters a second shot. They’ll ultimately need 400,000 petitioners needed to make it happen.

Door may be open for Florida’s first openly gay legislator. Redistricting created one of the most gay-friendly seats in the state House just as Rep. Richard Steinberg retired amid scandal, and just as Miami Beach’s gay Commissioner Michael Gongora (bottom photo) steps into the race.

Alan Ball to step down from “True Blood.” The gay creator of the HBO hit says the 5th season will be his last. Under Ball’s leadership, the show brought us the gayest season ever, a slew of cast and crew “It Gets Better” videos, and Joe Manganiello’s hotness.

Chick-fil-A photo via Huffington Post; gay mom photo from LGBT Map; “Archies” photo via Comics Alliance; Gongora photo from Miami Herald