Dan Cathy’s got a gay friend but not a very thorough one, Reebok launches Keith Haring sneakers, gay “Top Chef: Just Desserts” finalist dives into wedding cakes, Prop 8 lawyers misuse Obama’s words to bolster anti-marriage arguments, reactions to Boy Scouts ban news, Super Bowl jock for gay marriage, and more LGBT headlines.

Chick-fil-A president makes a gay friend. Shane Windmeyer really wants you to know that Dan Cathy (top photo) sent him the Atlanta chicken chain’s tax returns, which he said show no anti-gay donations. What he doesn’t want you to know is that the anti-gay Chick-fil-A dollars were quickly uncovered, and that he’s just promoting their friendship to pimp his CampusPride organization.

School officials back off block of gay senior’s yearbook photo. Washakie County, Wyo., school board members originally agreed with Worland High School that Matt Jolley’s submitted pic (second photo) with a rainbow flag was not allowed. After public debate and a petition played out in the media, the superintendent says the photo is OK.

Former Boy Scouts leader: “It’s about time.” Richard Guglielmetti, who resigned after 19 years with the scouts last year when his gay son returned his Eagle Scout medal, says his troop always ignored the BSA’s gay ban. Boy Scouts of America is considering dropping its national ban and allowing individual districts to decide whether to allow openly gay leaders and scouts.

Yigit Pura launches same-sex wedding cakes. The adorable gay “Top Chef: Just Desserts” cutie is cranking out a new gay-specific line of cakes from his Tout Sweet Pâtisserie. It’s cool, but we admit we’d basically watch Yigit do anything.

Senate’s immigration reform plan omits gay couples. The Senate version of a new outline to overhaul immigration laws does nothing to address the thousands of same-sex binational couples awaiting their fates as residents of the U.S. The president’s plan is expected to include gay couples.

Linebacker uses Super Bowl platform to push gay marriage. Hours after the Baltimore Ravens beat the New England Patriots to seal their spot in the championship game, linebacker Brendan Ayanbadejo was asking gay friends what he can do with the heightened media attention. His biggest goal? Get on “Ellen.”

Wyoming advances domestic partnerships bill. Despite testimony that legalizing same-sex relationship recognition means more damaged colons and sanctioning pedophilia, a House committee that narrowly defeated full gay marriage rights then forwarded a partnership bill. Several legislative hurdles and the governor stand in the bill’s way.

Keith Haring Reeboks ready for stores. Select locations will begin rollout of the sneakers manufacturer’s latest line (bottom photo), created in collaboration with the foundation for the late, great gay pop artist. Haring died of AIDS in 1990 after a short but prolific career.

San Francisco archbishop: Gay marriage like “male breastfeeding.” The name Salvatore Cordileone is becoming synonymous with “anti-gay Catholic.” This week, it’s because he takes his show on the road to warn readers of a London paper against the phrase “gay marriage” because it’s “a natural impossibility” akin to men breast feeding.

Cathy photo from WSB; Jolley photo via Casper Star-Tribune; Pura and Reebok photos from Out