Gaga writes and sings on Cher’s new album, Democrats include gay marriage in party platform, lesbian couple buries ex alive, Romney’s gay Olympic history among 2012 Gay Watch, Chick-fil-A rating drops, Ricky Martin’s TV deal, and more LGBT headlines.

Gay Congressional candidate launches final campaign push. Trevor Thomas’ TV ad featuring his auto-worker mom (top photo) is running all over Michigan. He faces another Democrat on Aug. 7 to see who’ll have a tough race in a district that’s been Republican for almost 40 years.

Democrats include gay marriage in party platform draft. It has to be passed at the national convention, where the marriage plank could be debated while some Dems try to walk a line over making it a central campaign issue. Atlanta gays are among the convention delegates.

Cher’s Gaga-inclusive album coming for Christmas. The mother of all modern gay pop faves (second photo, right) releases her first solo album in a decade in December. It includes the duet “The Greatest Thing” penned by and sung with Lady Gaga (left). That song may drop as early as October.

Chick-fil-A’s brand approval rating takes a hit—finally. Unaffected when just the gays were aware of the company’s anti-gay ways, its much watched QSR rating remained at a high 65. The average is 46. The day after company president came out about Chick-fil-A bigotry, it fell to a 47. This week? 39.

Lesbian couple confesses to strangling and burying an ex alive. Police say two Pennsylvania women, 18-year-old Jade Olmstead and 20-year-old Ashley Barber (third photo), admitted to killing Olmstead’s former girlfriend in May. The prosecutor is considering the death penalty.

Mitt Romney threw one of the most gay-friendly Olympics in history. A detailed account of Romney diversifying the Salt Lake Olympic Committee and forming an LGBT outreach effort, something the candidate distances himself from today when talking about his success at the 2002 Winter Olympics. Eight years later, we have an Olympic Gay Watch and a mounting Gay Olympians Count. And oh yeah, all those hot Olympic jocks.

Ricky Martin signs deal for TV series. The versatile gay singer-actor (bottom photo) has reportedly signed a talent holding deal with Universal Television to develop and star in a network series and TV specials.

Gay British civil unions 10 times expected number. When the law that allows British gay couples to form civil partnerships was passed in 2005, advocates projected that 10,000 or more same-sex couples would tie the knot by 2010. Actual number: 106,834.

Thomas photo from Trevor for Congress; Gaga-Cher photos via Hollywood Reporter; Barber-Olmstead photo from Go Erie; Martin photo via Advocate