imageTrans activist Chaz Bono escorted his mom to Monday night’s premiere of the highly-anticipated “Burlesque.” As gay Atlanta eagerly awaits the movie musical, our red carpet feed provided a great teaser and some insight for celeb-o-philes.

As Project Q Atlanta brought you the live-stream of all the red carpet excitement, the adorable pair gave us this “Awwww” moment (top photo), dispelling any doubt that the two might be in a rift over Chaz’s transition from daughter to son of Cher and the late Sonny Bono.

Cher may still be getting used to the pronouns, but her love and support of Chaz’s gender transition were apparent in interviews on the red carpet.

The legend bounced back and forth between “he” and “she” in reference to Chaz on “Letterman” last week—and even a moment of “she was a lesbian—she still is”—before correcting herself.

imageBut she went on to say that she has known of Chaz’s gender struggles for more than a decade, and that when the time came for a permanent solution, she told him to “go for it.”

The gay icon posed Monday not just as the star of the movie but as proud mama in her Bob Mackey mini, proving that she wears 64 years better than almost anyone else in her Baby Boomer generation. The legend even brought the sexy next to Aguilera’s legendary youthful beauty (bottom photo).

“Burlesque” opens in theaters nationwide on Nov. 24. Photos courtesy the Karpel Group.