When cruising for a trick on the streets of Midtown, just talking with a sex worker can lead to trouble. Not for the homo hustler but for you. Damn those cops and their prying eyes.

Sometimes the gay sex hustle is so good it’s illegal. But usually just for the hustler when he’s trying to tempt an undercover cop with tales of his oral skills. Sure, sometimes the hooker gets a laugh when there’s a surprise tucked inside the panties. But often, these late-night efforts end with cuffs. And not those fuzzy fun ones you hitch to the bedpost.

That’s the case of a 50-year-old dude who was chatting up a transgender hustler at the corner of Piedmont Avenue and 3rd Street. At about 1:15 in the morning. Chatty dude talks up the sex worker for several minutes, proving that the hooker can’t close a deal and that Atlanta cops weren’t too busy that night. The officer noted in his report that chatty guy was “talking to a well known transgender male prostitute for approximately 10 minutes.”

Seems kind of a boring way for a cop to pass the time. But whatever.

The cop, finally itching enough to take action, starts his own chatting up of dude and the sex worker. He asks probing questions such as “why they were just standing on the corner.”

Chatty dude says his new sex worker bestie was only asking for money. Yeah, I suspect the topic of money would come up. The officer, his keen investigative senses piqued, asks chatty dude for some ID. And then he gets busted. Not for soliciting some sex from the hooker, but for outstanding traffic charges in College Park

These kinds of stories never offer a happy ending.

This item was taken from an incident report filed with the Atlanta Police Department on July 22.