It stung for a hot minute when 6’9” basketball cutie Chandler Parsons left the Rockets and went north to Dallas. But gay Houston fans still made time to gawk when the Mavericks forward took off his shirt to prove a point.

That point? That he’s not fat. Apparently Coach Rick Carlisle told the Dallas Morning News that Parsons gained weight during the off-season, causing him to lumber through a Mavericks’ pre-season game.

Quick to respond, Parsons – already a viral sensation from Jimmy Kimmel and with his gay and female fans as a model – played the Instagram card and posted a pic (above) to trump Carlisle’s assertion. It also got fans on his side of the argument.

Yeah, Parsons is not fat. In fact, he’s exactly as hot as you’d want a 25-year-old, 6’9” pro jock to look with his shirt off. Take that, Coach Carlisle. Actually, Carlisle apologized after his own wife and daughter became daily Parsons Instagram followers when they saw Parsons' photo.

How “fat” are we talking, anyway? Check out more pics and videos below. Carlisle thinks 230 lbs. is too high, and last season Parsons weighed 225. All this over a whopping 5 pounds? Hey, as long as we have an excuse to look at Parsons again with his shirt off, who cares? We’ll stare down this “fatty” all week long and twice on Sunday – actually, even more than that on Nov. 22. That’s when Parsons and the Mavs hit town for a game at Toyota Center.

We’ll try to ignore that he recently dissed Houston.

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Compare lean, mean Parsons in Houston last season.



Contrast with slapping his ball off-season in August.



You reach, I teach. @dmoswag @pausha @murph_11

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Also in August, playing pudgy pickup. So 'pudgy.'



Chandler shrugs at any suggestion that he’s anything but hot.



Because look.



Really. Look.



Look long and hard.



And don’t even get us started on that face.



See you on the court, Chandler. Game on.