imageA gay death threat posted on a popular gay blog and linked to staffers for Sen. Saxby Chambliss was “ignorant free speech” and nothing more, according to a Senate investigation.

The conclusion came before Chambliss took action Thursday against the staff member who posted “all faggots must die” on Joe. My. God. last month. Chambliss punted the investigation to the Senate sergeant at arms. All of that was reported on Thursday, but a few additional nuggets have surfaced in Chambliss’ Post-ing Gate:

The threat was made from a computer in Chambliss’ Washington office, not his Atlanta office near Interstate 75 in Cobb County as previously reported.

Chambliss, while saying the staffer has been “removed” still refuses to clarify whether that means the person was fired or reassigned. He also won’t identify the offender.

The office of Sergeant at Arms Terrance Gainer interviewed 25 people in its investigation of the comments, posted on Sept. 21, before tracing them to the Washington office.

Gainer says this about the comment: “All this is from our perspective is ignorant free speech.” Translation: No hate crime or criminal act here, so keep moving.

Despite what you may think after watching CSPAN, the Senate has no rule against sending an “ignorant message.” So says Gainer.

Criticism was leveled at Chambliss for taking nine days to act after the slur was posted. He apparently acknowledged the slow pace of his reaction in a call to the blog’s author, Joe Jervis. “This is something that’s going to dramatically affect someone’s life.” Note to Chambliss: So does hateful speech aimed at gay folks.

All in all, don’t expect Chambliss to march down Peachtree Street during the upcoming Atlanta Pride Parade looking contrite. With that, it looks like this matter is drawing to a close.