Daly joke steps in it with gay 9/11 hero Mark Bingham’s mom, soccer “faggot” penalty shines light on pro sports, Charles Barkley wears dress for Weight Watchers, gay Hall of Fame, viral Fiona Apple letter, offensive campaign ads, and more LGBT headlines.

Charles Barkley dons drag for Weight Watchers. The “Lose Like a Man” TV spot (top photo) starts airing April 8, but it’s already raising eyebrows for putting the basketball legend in a dress and high heels.

Professional soccer league punishes slurring player. The MLS handed down a three-game suspension and an undisclosed fine to Houston Dynamo Colin Clark for calling a ball boy “fucking faggot” during a televised match against Seattle. Check out this sport-by-sport rundown of which leagues care about calling someone a “fucking faggot.”

Carson Daly forgets Mark Bingham, jokes gays too week to subdue pilot. “The Voice” host (second photo) made the stereotyping joke about a JetBlue pilot takedown on his Wednesday radio show and tweeted an apology when reminded of Bingham’s 9/11 heroics. Bingham’s mother weighs in, and Daly met with GLAAD. You can listen to Daly’s flub.

Seminal poet Adrienne Rich dies at 82. A multiple award winner for her feminist, anti-war, motherhood and anti-establishment works, the influential poet moved in with her longtime partner Michelle Cliff in 1970 after the death of her husband.

Fiona Apple’s letter to gay teen goes viral. The singer (third photo) may be on her way to a musical comeback, but now she’s making LGBT blogosphere waves for a supportive handwritten letter penned in 2000 to a then 16-year-old high school student.

Gay Heroes Hall of Fame. For its 45th anniversary, the Advocate compiles its list of the most influential LGBT role models since its 1967 magazine launch. Read about the LGBT luminaries who made the list, from Harvey Milk to Matthew Shepard.

“Happy Endings” season finale preview. Actor Adam Pally teases his heralded gay character Max’s never-revealed Madonna cover band (bottom photo) in the last episode of this season’s breakout sitcom.

False gay and trans depictions against Anchorage anti-discrimination law. Gay rights groups are calling for the removal of the ads, which contain lies about the proposed ordinance in the form of offensive cartoons. Here’s an example:

Barkley photo from Weight Watchers; Daly photo by Los Angeles Times; Apple photo via Jezebel; “Happy Endings” photo from ABC