The first Carioca event of 2013 needed to kick the year off right after such a successful run last year. The dance party crew descended on Jungle Saturday, and they booked DJ Paulo to do just that.

Gay Atlanta always has options, especially on Saturday nights. So to clinch the battle for attention, a combination punch of Paulo’s international reputation, the promise of wall-to-wall gays and their gals, and an uppercut with Jungle’s expansive party pad was a knock out.

The shirts came off, the dance floor filled from wall to wall. It was only the beginning of a festive Saturday for many. The Carioca crew, which also oversees the all-nighter Xion parties, picked up where Jungle left off with its first Serving Ovahness event with DJ Brian “Serving” Ovahness until 7 a.m.

Photos by Eric Huminski