Watch unrated bullying documentary hit red carpet with celeb support, big-name TV gays top lesbian NYC mayoral guest list, Obama administration orders health benefits for gay couple without DOMA decision, bashing victim speaks out, and more LGBT headlines.

Passengers: Caribbean cruise couple’s behavior “inappropriate.” Prior to arrests, guilty pleas, a flight home and denial of anything other than being naked, gay passengers on the same ship as John Robert Hart and Dennis Jay Mayer (top photo) say the men were putting on a sex show and were warned by cruise staff.

Victim of anti-gay D.C. assault speaks out. With no arrest in the suspected hate crime that left his jaw wired, the victim whose name is not being released describes the ordeal in gruesome detail. He also expresses appreciation for last week’s silent march in his honor.

North Carolina House Speaker predicts gay marriage ban’s repeal. Saying the proposed state constitutional amendment against marriage equality will pass but be gone in 20 years. “Apparently the speaker believes it is OK to discriminate against people for the next 20 years or so until the people inevitably rise up to stop it,” says one columnist.

TV gays headline New York lesbian mayoral fundraiser. City Council Speaker Christine Quinn wants to be New York City’s first openly gay mayor, and she’s solicited host Tim Gunn (middle photo) and guests Andy Cohen, Thom Filicia and Isaac Mizrahi to draw a crowd to her LGBT campaign gala.

Kentucky T-shirt company sued for refusing to fill Pride order. After winning the bid to print the shirts, Hands On Originals in Lexington dismissed the order, citing new management since the bid was placed. Pride organizers filed suit under the city’s non-discrimination fairness ordinance.

DOMA plaintiff to finally get health benefits. The day after the Department of Justice urged an appeals court to hurry it up on Karen Golenski and Amy Cunninghis’ suit for equal benefits, the Obama administration did an end-run, ordering an exception to grant the benefits to the couple while the decision is pending.

Mickey Rourke, not Tom Hardy, to play gay rugger Gareth Thomas. Either misquoted or misunderstood, the real-life rugby player says the biopic about him will still star Rourke. Thomas says he mentioned Hardy in his wish list for the film, but did not mean that Rourke was pulling out of the lead.

“Bully” premieres with star power, without MPAA rating. Filmmakers lost their appeal to change the documentary’s rating from R to PG-13 so it could reach school kids. It hits the red carpet and limited release with no rating. An edited version to get the PG-13 is in the works. Stars like Wilmer Valderama (bottom photo) support the film:

Hart-Mayer photo by AP; Gunn photo via Wall Street Journal; Valderama photo from E!