“X Factor” premiere omits contestant coming out to Britney Spears, gay porn star on role in riot-inducing “Innocence of Muslims,” Maryland Equality warns media against NOM tactics, Russian lawsuit against Madonna advances, and more LGBT headlines.

Rudy Giuliani chooses sides after ally slams “gay-friendly” opponent. The former New York City mayor (top photo) didn’t endorse anyone in a state Senate GOP primary until his former aide Juan Reyes published an attack ad against opponent Eric Ulrich for being too “gay friendly.” Giuliani now backs Ulrich.

Gay marriage protestors found not guilty in Asheville sit-in. Three of eight people arrested back in May for plopping down and refusing to leave, including gay couples denied marriage licenses, were declared not guilty of trespassing charges. The other five await trial.

Gay porn star confirms role in film that sparked Middle East riots. Tattooed hunk Tim Dax (middle photo), the “straight with a twist” gay sex star of films like “Folsom Undercover,” says he indeed shot scenes for the unrest-causing, highly offensive “Innocence of Muslims,” but that he was misled on what the film was about and many of his lines are voiced-over by someone else.

Anti-gay preachers sue over Southern Decadence arrests. Nine religious zealots who hurled gay slurs during New Orleans’ giant gay Labor Day festival are going after the city for arresting them. They say the city’s ban on “aggressive solicitation” is unconstitutional.

Russian lawsuit against Madonna’s “gay propaganda” moves forward. Anti-gay plaintiffs seek $10.5 million for “moral damages” supposedly suffered when the singer touted her gay support from the stage at a St. Petersburg concert. A judge tossed the suits for filing mistakes in August, but new ones this week were approved for court.

Maryland gay marriage advocates warn media against NOM tactics. In the final weeks before voting on the state’s marriage equality referendum, Marylanders for Marriage Equality sent a memo to “all reporters, editors, anchors and producers” with the subject line, “What to watch out for.” It details the anti-gay “playbook” of rhetoric.

“X-Factor” premiere cuts Britney’s old friend coming out. The reunion with Don Philip, a singer who performed a duet on judge Britney Spears’ (bottom photo) debut album “… One More Time,” was hyper emotional. But the flood of tears and freak-outs make more sense when you hear Philip was worried she’d be unaccepting of him being gay. She was more than fine; his singing wasn’t.

School to pay $715K for denying HIV+ student admission. Pennsylvania’s Milton Hershey School reached a settlement Wednesday for more than $700,000 in a federal lawsuit after the school denied enrollment to a student because he had HIV.

Giuliani photo via Wall Street Journal; Dax photo via JoeMyGod; Spears photo from Fox