Smiley gay Andy Cohen brought his charm and quirkiness back to Atlanta on Tuesday, delighting fans of his Bravo work as he dropped a little dish about the shows and himself.

He chatted about the possibility of a “Survivor”-type challenge for cast members of “The Real Housewives” franchise, the lack of gay love in his life, his dinner routine and the impact of the network’s programming on LGBT equality. (See video above) Then he signed copies of “Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture,” his book that recently went soft cover. Hundreds of copies, in fact. 

The appearance at Barnes & Noble on the Georgia Tech campus was packed, mostly with young straight girls. But the crowd was sprinkled with gay fans, too. And Cohen worked the gay angle, teasing the audience that something big was happening later that night at Blake’s. He was right.

Cohen, thankfully, didn’t brag on Chick-fil-A like that time he visited Atlanta last year.