imageWho loves you, Brady Quinn?

Apparently straight bloggers with a flair for a gay joke.

Quinn, the hunky NFL quarterback who gets his first start on Thursday for the Cleveland Browns, has become the gay punchline for several straight sports blogs. Brady’s not gay, allegedly, but that’s not stopping the pundits at Deadspin, among others, who had this to say about his start:

Thursday night’s game just became so much more compelling and watchable. I wonder if the NFL forced the Browns to make this move so the the NFL network could infiltrate some of the “Grey’s Anatomy” audience?

Deadspin also had this post: Hello Cleveland! Brady Quinn Is Ready To Kick Butt and Make Fellatio Gestures on a Jet Ski.

imageOutsports takes a deeper look into the “Brady as gay” fascination. Some of the photos provide, well, fodder for speculation.

Could it be the shots of Quinn grabbing a guy’s crotch?

Or Quinn posing for Bruce Weber pics for Interview?

Or Quinn looking like one of the Village People?

Or Quinn shirtless on a jetski with two other guys simulating fellatio?

Or Quinn popping out of a pool looking all sexy-wet in a Men’s Health interview?

Or the “Quinn Denies Anti-Gay Incident“?

Or a mock “Quinn Encourages Yes Vote on Prop 8” story?

Or Quinn simply looking good shirtless?

Hat tip to Outsports.