Brad Pitt to marry Angelina Jolie despite pledge to wait for marriage equality, women plead guilty in Kentucky federal hate crime case, GLAAD honors “Hunger Games” Josh Hutcherson, activists turn up heat on Obama, first lesbian ordained by Presbyterians, and more LGBT headlines.

Presbyterians ordain first out lesbian. Chapel Hill ministry associate Katie Ricks (top photo) was ordained Sunday, following a gay man in the fall as the first two openly gay candidates to receive full status since the church approved gay ordinations last year.

Family affair: Two women plead guilty in Kentucky hate crime. With their pleas for aiding and abetting, a female cousin and a wife of two male cousins in the nation’s first gay-related indictments under the federal hate crimes statute become the first convicted in the case. It is expected they will testify against the accused men.

Breaking vow, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie get mixed gay blessings for pending nuptials. The Hollywood power couple (second photo) announced their engagement last week, reneging on a promise not to tie the knot until everyone could. Equality California and GLAAD say no one has to deny their own family to prove they are gay allies. At least one gay reporter disagrees.

Undeterred, activists increase pressure for Obama workplace order. After the White House announced that the president won’t sign an executive order banning anti-gay discrimination for federal contractors, a donor coughs up $100,000 to launch a “We Can’t Wait” campaign to send gay workers to lobby the president.

“Hunger Games” star to receive GLAAD Award. The group’s youngest honoree ever, 19-year-old Josh Hutcherson (third photo) is scheduled to pick up his Vanguard Award at the Los Angeles iteration of the annual ceremony. Chaz Bono, Ellen Degeneres and Jesse Tyler Ferguson are also scheduled to appear.

“Bully” director grew up bullied. The creative mind behind the documentary connected with the kids he profiles on a personal level. He describes making the movie as well as the “gauntlet” of abusers he had to walk through every day as a kid. The film is now playing Atlanta.

“RJ Berger” star Paul Iacono: “I’m gay; it’s cool.” The star of MTV’s teen comedy (bottom photo) came out in an interview last week. He sits down to talk about his revelation and his new MTV show in which his character is gay, “Kensie’s Scale.”

Women more stressed out by being closeted than men. A Boston University study published in the Journal of Homosexuality found that women are much more affected by living closeted lives than men. “In general, gay and bisexual men may be able to conduct their sexual lives apart from their parents with less stress,” a lead researcher says.

Ricks photo by News & Observer; Pitt-Jolie photo by AP; Hutcherson photo via Lionsgate; Iacono photo from MTV